Director of Data Science Ethnography

DSC01614 (3)eScience Institute 

Research Scientist

Department of Human Centered Design & Engineering

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Department of Communication

University of Washington


As a data science ethnographer I study the sociocultural implications of data-intensive science and how data-intensive technologies are reshaping how people work and organize. My research focuses on cross-sector and interdisciplinary data science collaborations; emerging pedagogical models; and bringing human-centered and sociotechnical perspectives to data science practice.

I direct data science ethnography research at the eScience Institute and the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. I co-lead UW Data Science Studies, an interdisciplinary group of researchers studying the sociotechnical and ethical dimensions of the emerging practice of data science. UW Data Science Studies is part of a collaborative and multi-sited working group supported through the Moore-Sloan Data Science Environments and in partnership with researchers at Berkeley Institute for Data Science and the Center for Data Science in New York University.

 Whenever possible my work follows a model of action research. This means my research practice aims to inform and affect positive change within the communities I am studying. Often this takes the form of articulating the challenges and opportunities for communication and collaboration during times of technological change. I work with communities to bridge communication gaps and develop value-informed, reflexive, and adaptive organizational practice.

I earned my Ph.D. in Communication from the University of Washington and an M.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology from Columbia University. As an interdisciplinary researcher I am most at home somewhere between Science and Technology Studies (STS), Media Studies, and Organizational Communication. My research has examined questions of communication, collaboration and organizational change around data-intensive technologies in healthcare, global development, and design and construction.

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You can contact me at fioreb at uw dot edu